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What are some guidelines for cleaning with pressure washers?
Wear proper eye protection and clothing when using your pressure washer (i.e. safety goggles, no open toed shoes, etc.)

To use your gas pressure washer efficiently you need to choose the correct nozzle and/or tip. Kärcher pressure washers come with several interchangeable color-coded nozzle tips. Each tip varies in degrees of fan spray ranging from 0 to 40 degrees. Choosing the right tip for the right application makes the cleaning process more efficient. The black, low-pressure tip draws the detergent through the machine and high-pressure tips rinse water at different spray angles.

Test the power of your pressure washer. It is best to start off 4-5 feet away from the cleaning area and use a wide fan pattern, adjusting your distance and pattern accordingly. Move your wand side-to-side a couple of times and check if the surface is clean. If additional cleaning is needed, move your wand gradually closer to the surface (approx. 1-2 feet). This will instill an effective cleaning technique without damaging the surface you're cleaning.

Use detergent! You wouldn’t wash your dishes without soap and power washing isn’t any different. It helps to break up the dirt and grime making the cleaning process that much easier. When choosing detergents, read the label carefully to determine whether there are any possible risks to animals, plants, or humans. Do not use bleach or other hazardous chemicals! Only use detergents and cleaning solutions that are approved for pressure washer use.

When applying detergents, start spraying from the bottom of the object and work up. Pause before rinsing. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the detergent to sit. This will allow the proper time for the chemical to work and break down all of the dirt. Do not let the detergent sit too long and dry out on the surface. When rinsing, start at the top and work towards the bottom until entire area is detergent and streak free.

Consider acquiring additional pressure washer accessories to help clean your home. They are effective ways to save you time and energy while producing optimum cleaning results. The Right Angle Spray Wand is great for hard to reach areas. The rotating wash brush can be used on delicate surfaces. The pipe cleaner can be used to snake out drain pipes clogged with dirt, tree roots, or other muck. Our T-racer is amazing on decks, patios, or driveways, providing an even, fast, and efficient clean.

When rinsing, start at the top and work towards the bottom until entire area is detergent and streak free.

Be cautious when spraying around windows, mailboxes, flowers, vents, eaves, or light fixtures. High water pressure can knock down loose windowpanes or break them. When cleaning siding, keep the spray wand pointed downwards to alleviate spraying underneath the siding. This will prevent water from subsiding. Also be cautious when cleaning the outside of your home. Water can leak into unnoticeable holes around the edges of windows. Prevent this by checking the framework of all windows.

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