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Why doesn't my pressure washer reach full pressure?

For Gas and Electric Machines

A loss of pressure can be caused by a number of things. Here are the things you should check first:

- Make sure your garden hose and high pressure hose are not kinked, leaking, or blocked in anyway and that the water is turned on full force and supplying the correct amount of water outlined in your owner's manual.
- Remove the water inlet filter and make sure it is free of debris.
- Check the trigger gun and nozzles. They should be clean as well.

If you have completed these steps and the washer is still fluctuating from high to low pressure, there may be air trapped in the pump. To bleed the pump of any air, turn the machine off and disconnect the high pressure hose and trigger gun from your power washer. With only the garden hose connected to the machine, turn on your water source and allow water to run through the pump of the machine for 20 or 30 seconds. Turn off the water and connect the high pressure hose and trigger gun and try using the machine again.

Please go to: http://www.karcherresidential.com/us/Service/video_library.htm and click on the "Troubleshooting: Inconsistent Pressure" video. Although the pressure washer featured in the video is gas powered, most of the steps apply to electric pressure washers as well.

For Electric Machines

Often times, a machine producing low pressure will surge, cycle on and off, or continue to run. This typically indicates that the machine is losing pressure somewhere, such as a leak in one of the lines or inside the case of the machine. The machine tries to compensate for this leak by running harder or more often than it should.

Electric machines under warranty may be exchanged through our Rapid Exchange Program by calling 1 800 537 4129. For more information about the program go here:

If it is outside of the warranty period and you are mechanically inclined, you can attempt to pinpoint where the leak is and replace the part. Some service centers will work on electric machines, so you may want to contact a local service center. Though be aware, with the cost of parts and labor, going to a service center may be more expensive than replacing the machine.

Otherwise, contact one of these dealers/distributors for parts, diagrams, assistance or an estimate for repair:
R. J. Bowers - phone: 800-383-6584, web: www.rjbowers.com.

For Gas Machines

Sometimes pressure issues can be a very easy fix. After checking the above items, the next place to look is the unloader or spill valve. This valve may be sticking in place and usually needs to be cleaned and lubricated with lithium grease. The location of the unloader valve varies on our pumps, but it is always located on the brass pump head. Be sure not to remove the bolts that connect the head of the pump to the transmission housing. Usually the unloader valve can be found under the black plastic cap. Though if your machine does not have this cap, it is located under the hexagonal nut closest to the transmission housing. For machines with a pressure regulator, it is located under the pressure dial.

Once you have removed the unloader, you want to inspect it to be sure that the o-rings and spring are in good shape. If there are any mineral deposits on the unloader or in the hole it sits in, you will want to clean these up with a little vinegar and a wire brush. Then, apply a small amount of lithium grease to the top o-ring on the unloader and reassemble the pump.

Again, you can contact one of these dealers/distributors for parts, diagrams, assistance or an estimate for repair:
R. J. Bowers - phone: 800-383-6584, web: www.rjbowers.com.

You can also contact a local service center by going to our Service Center Locator at: http://www.karcherresidential.com/us/Service/showlocator.htm

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