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Why won't my electric pressure washer start?
If you are having troubles starting your electric power washer, there are a few things you should check.

If your machine isn't making any noise at all, the first place to look is the electrical cord. Make sure that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet, has a tight connection and that your outlet can provide adequate grounded power to operate your pressure washer.

If the motor has stopped but is making a humming sound, it is usually a faulty capacitor. In either case, these parts would have to be tested to be certain.

However, in either case, because these parts are electric in nature, then the repair is of a type which Kärcher never recommends of end users for safety reasons. Please understand that your safety is of the utmost priority to us.

For your protection, our electric power washers use a Ground Fault Circuit Interuptor (GFCI) which sometimes trips. In order to reset it, follow these instructions.

If you have attempted these steps with no success, the cause of this could be a few different things. Please submit a ticket so we may best assist you.

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